Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Israel bashing

Abraham Foxman has written an article titled Exposing the Israel Bashers: Opinions Without Facts, Facts Without Context.

Plainly put, the big deal is this -- many proponents of the BDS movement against Israel use "just expressing our opinion" to build sympathy for their deeply flawed South African apartheid analogy and as a shield to cloak deep-seated anti-Israel, anti-Zionist and in some cases anti-Semitic views. They rely on the right to their own "opinions" to justify their "own facts" without regard to truth, context or scholarly inquiry.

If your "opinion" is that Israel is an apartheid state, engaged daily in crimes against humanity, and Zionism is a form of racism, then all you have to do is selectively point to events and statements that taken out of context appear to support your opinion. That is what the intellectually dishonest ideologically driven haters of Israel do.
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